Below are the Chapter Council Officer descriptions. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions, please contact us!

Note: these descriptions were obtained from the Kachina Chapter Policies and Procedures in 2008. Some of the descriptions, deadlines, and operations may be outdated–which the Chapter Council can update.


The president shall

  1. Preside at meetings of the Administrative Council and meetings of the Chapter.
  2. Correspond with the Society’s officers and act as spokesperson for the Administrative Council and the Chapter.
  3. Appoint managers to ad hoc and standing committees, subject to Council approval, and assign duties relating to those committees.
  4. Authorize expenditures approved by the Administrative Council.
  5. Keep the Administrative Council advised of Chapter activities supervised by the President, by e-mail or by direct correspondence and copies of letters to and from others concerning Chapter business.
  6. Keep records of all expenses incurred for the office of President.
  7. At the annual meeting, present to the membership an annual report summarizing Chapter operation during the previous fiscal year.
  8. As the Chapter’s Executive Officer, represent the Administrative Council and the Chapter in business transactions with other organizations and individuals.

Vice Presidents

There are three vice presidents: Communications, Membership, and Programs.

The Vice President for Communications coordinates communications, including the newsletter and web page, ensures that the chapter has brochures and other marketing collateral, and prepares and submits to local news media notices of Chapter meetings and activities.

The Vice President of Membership downloads and maintains lists of members, welcomes new and transfer members by mail or email, submits the names of new members for publication in the newsletter and Website, serves on the Nominating Committee, and analyzes chapter demographics.

The Vice President for Programs is responsible for scheduling speakers for local Chapter programs, making meeting arrangements, and sending out thank you notes.


Vice presidents shall

  • In the absence of the President, preside at meetings of the Administrative Council and meetings of the Chapter.
  • Operate within budget guidelines established by the Administrative Council.
  • Keep records of all expenses incurred for their work.
  • Undertake other duties as directed by the President.


The secretary shall

  1. Prepare and process special correspondence as directed by the Executive Council. Ordinarily, Administrative Council members prepare and process their own correspondence.
  2. Record the minutes of Administrative Council meetings. Record the minutes of Chapter meetings, including meeting location and program information.
  3. Submit minutes for Administrative Council approval.
  4. Distribute minutes of Administrative Council meetings to members of the Council. Distribute minutes of annual meeting to the Chapter President.
  5. By the deadline stated in Tieline, report the results of chapter elections to the designated staff members in the Society office.
  6. Keep records of all activities of the Secretary’s office, Chapter and Society bylaws, and Chapter committee reports.
  7. Keep records of all expenses incurred for the office of Secretary.


The treasurer shall

  1. Receive, keep, and disburse the Chapter’s funds and other negotiable assets.
  2. Keep current records of the receipt, status, and disbursement of Chapter funds.
  3. Prepare a financial report for each meeting of the Administrative Council. The report shall include a statement of the Chapter’s receipts and disbursements since the last financial report, a statement of the cash and other assets at the beginning and end of the reporting period, and an itemized list of receipts and expenditures.
  4. Make available to an independent auditor or the Administrative Council, all records necessary to audit the Chapter’s books and ensure that the audit report is included in the Treasurer’s annual report to the Council.
  5. Prepare for the Administrative Council an annual report summarizing the receipts and disbursements for the year ending on the date of the report, including a statement of the cash and other assets at the beginning and end of the reporting year as well as a comparison of the current with the previous report year.
  6. Keep records of all expenses incurred for the office of Treasurer.
  7. With the participation of the incoming treasurer, prepare a proposed budget for the Chapter for the next fiscal year, based on the estimates submitted by the Administrative Council members before the annual meeting.
  8. Before July 15, prepare and submit to the Society Treasurer an annual financial report for the Chapter. (The report is to be prepared and submitted by the Treasurer who held office during the report period. The absolute deadline is 30 September.)
  9. Comply with the Internal Revenue Service requirements concerning annual information reports.
  10. Issue State of New Mexico Nontaxable Transaction Certificates (NTTCs) forms and file appropriate reports to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department twice yearly, or as required.

Immediate Past President

The immediate past president shall

  1. Serve as Manager of the Nominating Committee to identify a new slate of Administrative Council officers. If more than one candidate is identified for voting-officer positions, oversee process of preparing ballots, mailing them to members, and tallying election results.
  2. Be a voting member of the Administrative Council after serving as president.
  3. Undertake other duties as directed by the President.

Newsletter Editor

The newsletter editor shall

  1. Publish a chapter newsletter at least four times a year and distribute it to the Chapter members, persons on the adjunct mailing list, and Society officers. Select staff members to assist in preparation and mailing, as necessary.
  2. Operate within budget guidelines established by the Administrative Council for the newsletter
  3. Keep records of all expenses incurred for the newsletter.

Education Chair

The education chair shall

  1. Disseminate Chapter information as follows: (a) prepare newsletter announcements or articles; (b) publicize Chapter-sponsored activities, such as workshops, seminars, contests, awards, etc., by means of flyers, posters, and letters to participants; and (c) send copy to national publications when appropriate.
  2. Encourage participation in educational endeavors by coordinating annual Kachina STC awards to the top technical communication students at UNM, NM State, and New Mexico Tech .
  3. Report on educational outreach activities at Administrative Council meetings.
  4. Operate within budget guidelines established for the Committee.
  5. Keep records of all expenditures incurred during term of office.


The Webmaster will maintain and update the chapter’s Web site, posting information provided by Administrative Council members.


The historian shall

  1. Maintain a chronicle of the Chapter’s operations and programs throughout the fiscal year for which elected.
  2. Prepare and submit articles on Chapter history to newsletter, as requested.
  3. Research and submit historical information for members of Administrative Council as requested.

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