The new Board is really just that.  There was almost a complete transition from seasoned volunteers to a new Board that will strive to continue the successful accomplishments of the previous Board.  The new Board wants to thank the past Board members for all their hard work, efforts, and time to ensure the continued success of the Kachina chapter.  The retiring Board members are:
•    Helen Moody, president & webmaster
•    Carmelita Wasson, VP communications
•    Vivian Jones, VP membership & newsletter editor
•    Sheina North, secretary & webmaster
•    Scott Sanders, treasurer & education chair
•    Kathy Pallis, past president
•    Robert Johnson, historian

As you can see, many of them had two positions, and they handled it all with aplomb and grace.  I’m sure the new Board will step up to the new challenges facing our chapter and the national organization.  The new Board members are:
•    Larry Bonura, president
•    Katherine Love, secretary
•    Bruce Dale, treasurer
•    Marilyn Ward, VP programs
•    Cynthea Kinnaman, VP programs
•    Linda Lambert, newsletter editor
•    Scott Sanders, education chair
•    Helen Moody, past president & webmaster
•    Robert Johnson, historian

The new Board is acutely aware of the stresses that are impacting members of the tech writing profession. In times like these it is more important than ever before to be part of a community where you can learn from others and help mentor your colleagues. Our goal as a new Board is to foster a community locally that can meet those needs.  Please join us in our endeavors.
You can find our email addresses and personal information on the chapter web site (

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