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The current Kachina Chapter President, Treasurer and VP of Programs positions are open. It’s your turn to lead and the chapter needs volunteers to assume these leadership positions. The length of the term of office for all positions is one year. The President is asked to continue an additional year serving as “Immediate Past President” to assist with the new leadership.

Our chapter is in good financial shape (see Budget and Infrastructure) and you will have the support of the present chapter council to assist in your leadership role.

Please submit your application no later than June 30, 2012 by emailing our secretary, Roger Renteria: secretary [at] . If you have any questions, please let us know.


  • To encourage broad participation, particularly given last year’s membership fee increases, the chapter provides a dues subsidy for administrative council members. During your tenure as an administrative council member, the chapter will reimburse your standard international society dues for any amount over $100.

There is a wealth of less tangible benefits for officers:

  • Learn new skills and gain management experience.
  • Make industry contacts, both locally and internationally, which can help you professionally.
  • Enjoy working with other smart and talented people on the council and members of the Kachina Chapter.
  • Contribute to the profession by keeping our chapter and our society strong and vital.

Leadership positions

We have two important administrative council positions: President and Treasurer. These officers are empowered to make decisions on the chapter’s behalf, including allocating chapter funds. The President also has obligations to report to the Society about decisions made by the administrative council and about chapter activities.

We consolidated the duties of certain positions to equalize the responsibilities among the various roles. Each position has fundamental obligations (see the excerpt from the Society’s U.S. Model Chapter Bylaws as well as Kachina Chapter Officer Descriptions), but anything beyond those responsibilities is up to you and your fellow council members.

The time commitments of these positions are roughly equal. Five hours per month is usually all that is required, although special events and projects may demand more time and commitment. Consider these roles to be management positions, in which you direct and coordinate the activities of other volunteers.

1. The President presides at all meetings and represents the chapter and its interests at Leadership Day during the Society’s annual summit. For more details, please see Kachina Chapter Officer Descriptions.

2. The Vice President of Programs (a.k.a. “event coordinator”) ensures we have interesting and well-run meetings for our members. For more details, please see Kachina Chapter Officer Descriptions.

3. The Secretary prepares minutes of administrative council meetings and manages chapter communications, which include the newsletter, website, and publicity. For more details, please see Kachina Chapter Officer Descriptions.

4. The Treasurer manages the data and files the necessary reports on our two treasuries: chapter funds and membership. For more details, please see Kachina Chapter Officer Descriptions.


Current officers have all pledged to train and support the new council. You will not be abandoned or left to flounder. We also have a savvy secretary who will continue to serve and maintain normalcy during the new leadership change.

Budget and infrastructure

The Kachina Chapter is fiscally sound and is current on required reports to the Society. The operating budget supports meetings, workshops, and other member services for the coming 18 months. It also covers recurring expenses, such as internet hosting.

The outgoing council has made several operational improvements, such as holding council meetings via web conference and revising the chapter’s policies and procedures for relevance and flexibility. We have invested in equipment for meetings, workshops, and programs are easier to set up.

Excerpt from Model U.S. Chapter Bylaws Template 2009


Section 1. Definition; Appointment. The Chapter shall have a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer (the “Officers”). . . ..No person may hold more than one Office at the same time, except the offices of Secretary and Treasurer, which may be held by one person at the same time.

Section 2. Duties of the Officers. The President shall call and preside at meetings of the Chapter, the Administrative Council and the voting members and shall perform such other duties as the Administrative Council may assign from time to time. The Secretary shall keep, or cause to be kept, minutes of all Administrative Council meetings, including those conducted by telephone, and the record of unanimous electronic votes and membership meetings, shall distribute them in accordance with Chapter policies and procedures and perform such other duties as the President or the Administrative Council may assign. The Secretary shall assume the duties of the President in the temporary absence or incapacity of the President. The Treasurer shall (a) oversee Chapter finances; (b) work with Chapter representatives to prepare an annual budget for approval by the Administrative Council; (c) deliver a report to the voting members on the Chapter’s financial condition at the Chapter’s annual business meeting, (d) prepare and submit any financial reports required by the Society, and (e) prepare and submit any filings required by the US Internal Revenue Service. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as the President or the Administrative Council may assign.



If you interested in volunteering for our Chapter Council, please send a message to our chapter secretary, Roger Renteria, at secretary [at] .


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