On Monday, May 20th, 2013, I attended Albuquerque Magazine’s 9th Annual MARCOM Mixer at Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse. I showed up for the event with President Roger Renteria to represent the Kachina Chapter of the STC.

It was quite a bustling event, with people from all walks of life mingling throughout the spacious restaurant. Professional writers, freelance writers, bloggers, web designers, and other types of professionals attended the event. While socializing, we learned about quite a few local organizations, including Acira Group, Writer Gals, and The Association for Women in Communications. Quite a few attendees were interested enough in learning more about the STC to pick up the brochures we brought to the event.

Entertainment throughout the evening included door prizes and a steak dinner that took place after the mixer. Overall, the event was an informative and fun learning experience.

– Renee Warner


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